Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trip dates finalized!

I was reading my friend Allison's blog yesterday when I ran across a quote that I absolutely love from 'Irresistible Revolution'.

“Over and over when I ask God why all of these injustices are allowed to exist in the world, I can feel the Spirit whisper to me, “You tell me why we allow this to happen. You are my body, my hands, my feet.” - Shane Claiborne

I remember being stilled and convicted by this when I read it the first time. And it had the same effect this time. I spend so much time begging him to do something about this. To protect these children. To make them feel loved. To bring people into my life and theirs that will make both small and large differences in their lives. And I always feel like the responsibility is gently nudged back my way. We are his hands and feet. No matter how much I pray, he's not going to snap his fingers and make everything alright for them. He will give us strength, wisdom, passion or endurance for our journey. But we have to take the first steps down that path. And I'm nudging you to take this journey with me.

My best friend, Jen, with Tania, Magdiel and Juan at Nueva Esperanza in March

The trip dates and costs have been finalized for the rest of this year. I hope that if you've been moved by the stories of these kids that you'll seriously consider participating and getting to know them personally, and that you'll tell others. Lots of others!

I was reading my friend Jess' blog this morning and something she said really resonated with me.

But God does His work with smallness. It is our lack that He desires. Our limitations, our fear, our inability. He takes these few small loaves, the widow's mite, this ordinary life, and this is where he chooses to do His work.

Trip Dates...

May 28 - June 4
July 9-23
September 10-17
November 5-13

Trip Info...
Proniño trips
The trips in May and November will be focused only on Proniño (the center for former street boys ages 8-18). Our main project will be to build a portion of the center's perimeter fence. And being with the kids! (There may be some break dancing involved...) Here's a little video of the kids. Please ignore the information at the end!
Cost for May 28 - June 4 is $724 + the cost of airfare. I realize this trip is coming very soon, but my goal was to have 10 people on the team and it has recently dropped down to 6! A little bit of encouragement - I recently checked the cost of tickets and they were $100 less than they were a month ago. =)
Cost for November 5-13 is $650 + the cost of airfare.

Nueva Esperanza trip
The trip in September will be focused only on Nueva Esperanza (the government center with boys and girls ages 0-14). Our work project will happen in conjunction with another organization called Orphan Helpers. They will soon be reopening an abandoned center adjacent to Nueva Esperanza. This center will be a school and mentoring location for the kids in NE. Then the center can use the current classrooms as additional dorms. This will enable them to separate the sleeping quarters of the typical kids from the special needs kids, giving those with special needs some much needed safety and protection. We'll be sprucing up the place and helping to get this center ready to be utilized. We'll also be helping in the nursery, and playing with the kids!
Cost for September 10-17 is $550 + the cost of airfare.

Nueva Esperanza AND Proniño
The July 9-23 trip will be two weeks long and we'll be working in both centers. So, if you just can't decide in which place you'd rather invest, why not both? =) Or you can choose to participate in only the first (Nueva Esperanza) or second (Proniño) week.
Cost for both weeks is $1000 + the cost of airfare
Cost for July 9-16 only (NE) is $550 + the cost of airfare
Cost for July 16-23 only (Proniño) is $650 + the cost of airfare

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